Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I walked round for a couple of hours the other day and took some photos. Here they are.

Some steps, and Edinburgh Castle.

Some kind of flower, in Marchmont.

A tree backlit by a street lamp. I'm gonna stick a black and white version of this on Flickr, see which one you prefer.

In other news, I'm thinking of becoming an MP, so I can claim some costly camera gear on expenses. Can I count on your vote?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

BUPA 10k run, Edinburgh

(click for bigger, yeah?)

Yesterday m
orning I woke up to the sound of a squadron of helicopters buzzing the skies above my house. It was like Black Hawk Down, but with fewer RPG's. When I staggered outside, however, I was gratified not to find Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor fast-roping into the streets of Edinburgh, but the leaders in this years BUPA Edinburgh 10km run barrelling past.

A fine art photo entitled 'Shoes'.

Recognising a photo opportunity when I saw one, I grabbed
a camera and a 50mm lens and dashed out to get some unique and diverse shots of a major event in my backyard. Unfortunately I failed, because all the pictures are blurred - by panning to follow the motion - so they're not very diverse. I maintain that the blurring was done for artistic effect, and wasn't me being rubbish. Thank you to all the naysayers...

Naysayers, running. As fast as their legs can carry them.

Running 10 kilometres looked like a doddle to me, especially when I tooled up to the finish line an hour and a half after the start and people were still trailing in. Admittedly these were the people dressed as Daleks and camels, or the guy who had done the entire thing carrying a 55lb pack on his back (maybe he couldn't find the cloakroom before the race started?). But then I discovered the bloke who won did it in about 28 minutes. It takes me that long to find my shoes when I go running. Anyway, I reckon that with a bit of training I should be able to knock off next year's 10k in about 32 minutes, so I'm looking for sponsorship.

A dog, Edinburgh, yesterday.

Your money will go to a worthy cause, namely buying me that Canon EF 24-70mm 'L' lens, so you've no excuse not to dig deep.
These people weren't even in the race. The guy on the left was chasing the guy on the right for calling him names.

Another fine art photo, entitled 'Short rotund man, surrounded by taller, leaner men'.

I reckon that with one or two 10k runs under my belt I should be in fine fettle to do a marathon, so start saving 'cos I'll be wanting more sponsorship. Canon 5D Mark II's aren't cheap, you know.