Saturday, October 04, 2008

Severed Heaven

Bronach and I went to watch Severed Heaven at York's Speakeasy on Tuesday night. I work with the drummer's mother, and agreed to go along to support the band.

Apparently, Severed Heaven have an insatiable lust for The Chug, and blend death, doom and black metal. From where I stood, that meant that Alex would have popped a boner and probably have tried to get on the stage. It's probably a good thing that he's in Iceland.

Photo buffs will appreciate that these pictures were taken on TriX pushed to 3200. I developed the film in ID-11 diluted 1:1 for 16 minutes, agitating fairly gently once a minute. There's surprisingly little grain, but contrast is high. Still, I prefer this to Delta 3200, which was beaucoup grainy the only time I've used it.

The Sigma 24mm Superwide 2.8 is a damn fine lens...

...and so is the nifty Canon 50mm 1.8 MkII


Johnhenryclay said...

Nice photos. Very Gothic.

Alex hates death metal though, he only likes black metal. I don't what the difference is, though he's tried to explain it to me in the past. It's all just bang bang bang as far as I can see.

Craig said...

Thanks dude.

Alex hates everything that he doesn't understand, which is a lot. To be honest, I don't understand the difference between doom, death and black metal either; I think one of them means you burn churches, while another means that you worship skulls. They all sound the same to me.