Sunday, November 02, 2008


Bronach and I spent a week in Edinburgh looking for a flat. Here are some pictures. If you want a funny blog, go to Alex's, if you want an intellectual post go to John's.

Clay was good enough to lend me his Canon EOS300D, in return we let him stay at ours for a few days. That was a mistake because the place was trashed when we got back. I can't believe one person could have smeared that much excrement; he must have had teams of illegal immigrants working round the clock while we were gone.

It was autumn when we arrived, and ball-freezingly cold. If Scotland could export bitter weather they'd make a fortune.

Bronach in black and white

Here are some pictures of Bronach on they way to Dean village, as we walked along the Water of Leith. It's possibly the most scenic part of Edinburgh, helped by the fact that you're down in a valley, out of the wind so your eyelids haven't frozen shut. Photo fans will note that these pictures were taken with the awesome Canon 50mm 1.8 MkII, truly the Razor's edge when it comes to sharpness.

Back at the flat I tried using a flash to artistically light the background. I asked Bronach to sit there and ignore me, so she did.

We bumped into Steve, who recommended a Mexican restaurant to us. Steve was heading to York to see his fiancé Kate, another Phd student and a friend of Bronach's. We were starving by the time we got to the Mexican restaurant, and salivating at the prospect of fajitas and quesadillas. But it was shut. Nice going, Steve.

Easyjet internet café was our only link to civilisation. But it came at a price. The place was generally rammed with farting, swearing Scots and swearing, farting exchange students, who were either trying to make contact with their relatives on the other side of the world, or huddling in the warmth and trying to coax circulation into their frost bitten extremities.

Stelios is watching.....



mare said...

If the two of you decide to locate in Edinburgh, I do believe you owe Canada a formal apology.

David says blah, blah, bagpipes, blah.

Craig said...

On the contrary, or au contraire as they say on Montreal, I think Canada owes the world a formal apology for introducing the word 'took'/'tooque'/'teauque'. What's wrong with saying 'hat', like a proper English colony?

I'd like to know if Canadian Bacon is still David's favourite film of all time, or whether Team America has surpassed it?

alex_sotheran said...

What the fuck does Bronach see in you?

Craig said...

Possibly the fact that I am not you. I'm only hazarding a guess here...

Abi said...

Hey is my brother still alive? Or did you prise the camera out of his cold dead hands? He won't even let me touch it.