Friday, January 09, 2009


Bronach went and got me what is possibly the coolest present ever. No, not a swan, though that would be pretty handy, especially in a fight. I'd get it to break my opponent's arms and peck his eyes out.

Instead, she got me a Canon 1000D, which photography fans will recognise is a digital SLR, meaning that I can take more pictures while spending less money! A typical roll of film costs £4 a roll (Kodak 160VC, my standard colour film of choice) for 36 shots. Processing and scanning to cd is around £7 a roll, so you're looking at £11 a roll at least. Considering that 95% of shots are duds (on a good day), it makes for an expensive pastime (unless you're Alex, where every shot's a keeper).

Being able to see your picture straight away is awesome, because it means you can keep your subject standing there for ages, while you shout "Just one more, and smile more this time!" etc. I reckon when news of this gets out, Annie Leibowitz'll probably retire.

All in all it adds up to being the Best Present Ever, and I present to you a picture of a swan I cracked off this morning. It's an Art photo, hence it's blurry. I'll flog you a one-off limited edition print of this for £775, which should be about enough for me to pick up a Canon L series 24-70 2.8 lens.


alex_sotheran said...

put me down for one. I want a gold frame on it though.

warchild said...

She either likes you or had to give money to a homeless person to avoid the taxes!
I hope you plan to start shooting RAW. The EOS do beautiful shots and RAW gives far more latitude than jpeg.
Get Lightroom to catalog and "develop" your RAW shots (and you will really need to catalog them).
I'm excited for you and looking forward to some decent shots!

Craig said...

No problem Alex, your photo is in the post. Postage was extra because of the solid gold frame, but I didn't charge you for that. I trust your cheques on it's way?

Dave: I think it was a tax scam, but I'm going to choose to believe that she likes me! I am shooting Raw, but can't find anyone willing to donate a copy of Lightroom to me, which just goes to show how lame my 'friends' are.

Lily Roth said...

My dear Mr. McKibbin,

Swans are vicious beasts. Beauty and brawn. If you ever find a swan-trainer who sells fighting swans...let me know. I'd love to have an attack swan at my disposal.

Yours, as ever,
Mrs. Lily Roth