Monday, February 16, 2009

Portraits in a forest

Bronach and I went walking in the hills around Drumnadrochit, overlooking Loch Ness. Needless to say, we didn't spot any plesiosaurs, probably because it was damnably cold and any self-respecting giant lizard would have bogged off to warmer climes.

After wading through knee deep snow for several miles, we decided to cut our planned route short, and make for civilisation. I have no pictures of the walking section of the trip, because - far from being a pleasant stroll - it turned into a death march, a race against time and battle against the elements. Our objective was to scale the Falls of Divach, but when we reached Craigmonie Crag we realised that our rendezvous at the extraction point was imminent and we would have to make for the landing zone to await the arrival of our transport (bus). We arrived in theatre late due to an unplanned diversion to Primark; had we missed the rendezvous I would have been able to fashion a small, but cosy, shelter out of the Primark packet. The key in a survival situation is to keep your wits about you and to think laterally.

As it happened, my superior navigation skills got us off the mountain in record time, so there was plenty of time to spare before the bus came. So I took the opportunity to bully Bronach into standing there while I took some portraits. Her calm appearance belies the fact that mere minutes before, we had been in a life or death situation.

Duke of Edinburgh candidates would probably have tried to fashion a lens out of a chunk of ice, to start a fire, built an igloo or burst into tears. Waste of time. Decisive action saved the day, and no amount of mucking about with a Swiss army knife would have helped.

Anyway, here are a load of pictures I took after the march, while we waited for the bus. I've been trying to get away from taking portraits that are just a headshot, sometimes with more success than others.

Anyway, there you go. For a more witty blog, go read Alex's.


alex_sotheran said...

Bronach looks pretty happy on those photos, but I'm guessing it's because of the delirium caused by the hypothermia you two must have been suffering from by that stage.

Man, we never had it that tough in L'Legion.

Great pics. One day I will own a house and when I do, I will buy some prints off you, oh yes.

e-person said...

She's a great model. The one with the hands pulling the coat to cover the face is priceless.

Johnhenryclay said...

Those smiles are probably the result of the adrenaline rush.

Bronach has a fine sense of style. You can tell her I said that.

Marcus said...

Very nice pictures, and flattering too. First one looks very 'catalogue-girl', second one like it was lifted from a book of knitting patterns. :) Stylish, as Clay says.

Did you get my postcard, or what?

Craig said...

Thanks guys. I'm still recovering from the after effects of the march, the doctors say that I'm lucky I didn't lose my toes to gangrene.

Marcus, yes I did get your postcard, it was the best picture of an old woman battering a kid that I've seen.