Sunday, March 08, 2009

Les Crevettes

Bronach made the mistake of leaving me at home alone this weekend, so I had to entertain myself. I started by speaking to Marcus, and we talked about taking photos of cutlery, inter alia.

Well, it's harder than it looks. Knives and forks reflect every damn thing in the neighbourhood, and keep getting shadows where they shouldn't and so on. To jazz the photos up a bit, I added a visual device known in French as a 'crevette'. The good thing about a crevette is that it distracts from the cutlery. The bad thing is that after trying for an hour or so to get a decent photo they start to stink a bit, and have to be chucked away.

Neither of these photos are particularly good, but I told Alex that I was going to photograph a prawn and he wanted to see the results. So if you're not Alex, don't look at the photos.

If for some reason you want to buy a print, I will refuse you because you are obviously some sort of pervert. They're going for $967.50, though.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that I've added a new link to my highly selective list of links on the right. Judy Cabbages is an Edinburgh based photographer who actually knows what he's doing, and I'd recommend that you tootle over there now for a read.

Finally, based on the overwhelming success of the video in the last post I'm going to post another video from The Lonely Island. Apparently it's getting radio airtime in Australia. What I want to know is why it's not getting played wall-to-wall 24/7 on Radio 4. If I can get enough support we're gonna go down to London and have a riot outside the BBC until they play it.


alex_sotheran said...

I'm Alex, but I didn't look at the photos. I hope I did right?

Judy? He?

Craig said...

That's mah boy. Don't look at any pictures of anything on the internet. Sound policy.

Yeah, his name is Darren. Judy Cabbages is a nom de plume/nom de guerre. Like the ones we had in the Legion.

Like the ones that we have now.

Anyway, his blog is a proper photography blog, unlike mine, which is a collection of words and pictures, most of which are meaningless.

Lily Roth said...

My dear Mr.McKibbin,

Your prawn photos perfectly illustrate why I don't eat prawns...or indeed any insect-like seafood.

Mr. Roth & myself much enjoyed our recent sojourn to York and the performance of Dr. Clay's excellent saga of St. Bumface. You missed a treat.

Mrs. Lily Roth