Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zoriah Miller

Zoriah Miller is a freelance photojournalist who takes real pictures, of real things - not the kind of guff you get on Flickr, like flowers and trees. He specialises in documentary humanitarian and conflict photography around the world, and strives to highlight issues which are under-reported or simply not publicised:

"I started this blog nearly a year ago with the idea was that it would allow me to make truly independent reports on important subject matter without influence from corporate media, who often choose photographer's assignments based on what stories they think will sell magazines and not what is actually important. I thought I could use it to not only give my stories a voice beyond print media but help me raise funds to report on subject matter that is avoided by large publications." (from his blog).

I'd strongly urge you to have a look at his website and get his blog into your feedreader pronto, instead of wasting your time here.

Before you do, I want to point you towards the post which prompted this entry, in which GMB Akash guest blogs about child labour in Bangladesh. Awesome photos, and something to think about as you lounge around in your cheap knock-off Gucci or Gap or whatever.

This is what photography should be about.

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