Tuesday, November 10, 2009


LEC invited Alix and I over to Amsterdam for the weekend. The essential plan he proposed was:

"Saturday: Ill get you from the airport

In the afternoon Im off to watch the rugby and see our brave boys in white thump the shit out of those slimy Aussies you can do what you want

Evening were going to Sjouks sister for snert (google it Dutch peasoup, very very nutritious & flatulent) with a few friends and then we're off on museumnacht

Sunday: Not a clue. Maybe take the dog for a walk on the beach"

So that's what we did. I'm just going to stick a few snaps up here, you can fill in the bits in between.


alex_sotheran said...

as ever, sweetass pictures, you really should be making this pay for you. Did you 'toke some bong weed' whilst in the'Dam?

Craig said...

Yes I did and almost got arrested. Managed to pay the guy off though.