Tuesday, July 21, 2009

South Africa Campaign 2009
Africa. The Dark Continent. Situated just south of Spain, Africa is one of the 7 largest continents in the world, and is a place of mystery, war and fear. Few Europeans have traversed its interior, and those who do return touched by madness, with a faraway look in their eyes.

Johannesburg, last week. A guard giraffe watches as a vehicle enters the technical shop.

In late June 2009 a crack squad was assembled to penetrate the Heart of Darkness. (Joseph Conrad apparently set his novella along the Congo River. South Africa - as geography buffs will know - is south of the Congo, and thus is more of a Colon of Darkness). Along the way these hardy adventurers encountered danger, excitement and recalcitrant natives. This is an account, in several parts, of the campaign, en Afrique.

Key Players





Alex, Mark, Fiona and I convened in Johannesburg. Our first task was to rendezvous with Mother at the head of the the First Column at HQ in Barberton. Our route took us over the treacherous Long Tom Pass, on a road we had to hack from the bare rock.

The road we built over Long Tom.

As we progressed, we came under intense enemy fire. Boers! A daring flanking attack led by Sotheran soon put the wind up the cheeky blighters and sent them packing. Final tally of Day One: One gun captured, no casualties. A resounding success!

Alex demanding the surrender of the Boer artillery.

Alex taking measurements of the weapon, which is to be installed in a memorial park in Central Rotherham.

At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.

A Boer devil, shortly before he felt the might of British steel.


Fiona said...

Great stuff mayt!

John said...

This account conflicts with Alex's on numerous points of detail. Someone isn't telling the truth. And it's probably Alex.

alex_sotheran said...

Clay, you are the only liar around here, Herr Doktor.

Craig said...

It's just two different views of the same conflict. For example, Alex saw 50,000 Boers while he was holding the line at Spioenkop, and I only saw 20. But I was leading a cavalry charge on the artillery on Aloe Knoll, so missed the bulk of the action.

Wanchen said...

splendid shots!