Saturday, August 08, 2009


I've taken a few snaps since getting back from South Africa, so I present them to you here - a veritable smörgåsbord of shots showing the diversity of Leeds in the 21st century. Plus most of them don't make the grade for the Flickr page, so I'm putting them here. If you don't like it, take it up with the management.

The first picture, at the top, is of a titanium occult pyramid in Millenium Square, which has been intriguing conspiracy theorists for as long as 18 months! Perhaps this is Leeds' answer to Adam's Calendar?

Italian style in the grim north. Vespa means 'wasp' in Italian and Latin, linguists!

Urban smokers need instructions.

I think this sign was warning passers by of the general probability of death in Briggate being comparatively high.

Temple Newsam

Gav (below) and I tooled over to Temple Newsam one evening, and took a load of photos of vegetation and stuff. You can see his shots here if you like.

Backlit flower, 'cos I know Alex likes them so much...

Here's a hoverfly, the gardener's friend.

OK, so here are a few photos of plants and things. Garden photography isn't really my forté, I've sort of turned to war photography after the trip to South Africa.

Purple stuff.

A lamppost. I was waiting for the bus one evening and took a few shots. This is a composite of two photos: one had the top of the lamp, plus an unsightly building in the background - the other had the foreground and walls as you see them here. Neither photo was too great on its own, so I combined the best elements of each to produce a photo which still isn't all that.

Maria, who until last week was my colleague - she tolerated me taking a few snaps, as I shouted at her to smile.

Leeds Pride Parade

Finally, last weekend a massive Pride parade trooped through Leeds, hooting, hollering and waving gigantic multicoloured flags to the pulsing beat of Soft Cell trance remixes.

I guess this is the same as wearing your heart on your sleeve...?

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