Saturday, July 25, 2009

South Africa 2009: Barberton again and farewell to Fiona and Mark

Our job was done in the Drakensberg: the Boer resistance had been shattered and an interim government installed in Kwazulu-Natal. It was time to push north, to regroup at HQ in Barberton once more. Across the country, the Boer menace had been stifled so Fiona and Mark decided to return to Australia, leaving control in our capable hands. Of course, we couldn't let them go without a suitable farewell, so we sounded the Party Alarm and went to Barberton's premier nightspot, the Old Rock Café.

Legend has it that the Ministry of Sound and Ibiza's Privilege sent research teams to Barberton to find out what makes the Old Rock Café so unique. Indeed, Alex and I found ourselves drawn back night after night to sample the vibrant local culture. One evening, a massive VSA (Victory in South Africa) celebration was held in our honour. Collaborators were shot, and a thumping party continued long into the night.

The 'Barberton Stud', a lone wolf, not tied down to anyone, this gentleman and his ponytail danced with every woman in the bar, without fail.

A customer complaining to the barman that the Barberton Stud hadn't spun her around the dancefloor yet.

"More lasers than Star Trek!" is how the Old Rock Café should be advertised.

The dancefloor going absolutely mental! There must be what 10? 15? thousand people out there!! This was the evening's second playing of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Imagine the crowds during the first play! And the third...

Alex, now a local celebrity, after smashing the Boer scourge.

Barberton's youth, larging it.

Another solitary dancer, having less luck than the Barberton Stud.

Barberton miscellany

With the Boer defeated, Alex and I took some time to see the town.

We were the first to scale the south face of Mont Inaccessible; here Alex surveys what is now British territory.

More captured armaments. For a bunch of cowardly rascals, the Boer were certainly well tooled up.

Crikey. I don't think the NHS have taken to advertising on lamp posts just yet...

Mother and Alex reliving some of the campaign's high points.

Morris the cat, installed as Governer of Mpumalanga province.

A war memorial we set up to commemorate our massive victory.

Heh heh... don't bash on the machines....

It's not over yet - not by a long way!! Still to come: Cross-border infiltration and Megalithic conspiracy theories!!

Relive the glory:


John said...

Is Morris the Cat ready to be governor? I think there is a hint of cruelty in his face.

alex_sotheran said...

Morris is the best governor ever, he has instigated a program of free cat food on Fridays.