Friday, July 24, 2009

South Africa 2009: Le Crazy Golf and Spioenkop

Waging war is a difficult business. Great generals through the ages have found countless ways of relaxing, in order to refocus the mind, calm nerves and prepare for fresh battles. Churchill did so by becoming prime minister, Caesar wrote his memoirs and fondled young men, Powell lied to the UN Security Council.
Sun Tzu said "Earth comprises distances, great and small; danger and security; open ground and narrow passes; the chances of life and death...". He was clearly referring to what the French know as Le Golf Loufoque: Miniature golf. The best way to destress in a war. How do I know this? The stats prove it: Total number of the team currently suffering from PTSD? None. Bam.

"Your club, sir"

Mother attempting "The Scoop", despite our agreement that we would be playing by Olympic rules.

All is but shadows and dust...

Winding down in the 19th
2009 Cayley Lodge mini golf tournament champion.


The next day, alarm ran through the camp like a bout of the squirts. The Boers were on the move! They had taken Spioenkop, a steep hill just outside Ladysmith - British territory! Spioenkop was named after a football stadium in Liverpool, itself named after a prominent local Dutch businessman from the Old Dutch 'Spion' meaning bald, and 'Kop' meaning head.

We arrived just in the nick of time, as the scurrilous Boer were setting about putting the land to pasture and organising a boereorkes. In short order however, we organised the local inhabitants of the area into a militia of mounted cavalry, minted coinage to pay them and commenced the attack. Victory was swift, but at terrible cost. We lost two of the chaps, who were laid to rest under the African skies.

The loneliest grave in Africa

The second loneliest grave in Africa
Another day, another battle won.

Not an Asian pose... This is 'The Churchill'.

A true patriot

A true Aussie patriot

Still to come (what, there's more?): Back to Barberton and the Old Rock Café!!
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Anonymous said...

Great photos. Good use of SA light. Getting to the area of impressive. David

alex_sotheran said...

I don't remember who won the Putt Putt championships, so let's just say it was me, OK?